The Journey Begins

In between road tripping around Australia, I’ve written a few books. The first book has just been released on Amazon. Such an exciting thing to see something you have created come to fruition.

The book is an Inspirational Romance, about a young couple dealing with the big changes in life that a baby can bring. Reduced income, little sleep, struggling through the day feeling like a zombie. Join Christie and Bruce as they try to put their marriage back together as they work on improving their professional lives and the service they offer to their customers. They learn to budget, respect each other again, to heal their marriage. Will it be enough?

Until my link is up and running, you can search for Carron Stevenson on Amazon or Kindle and Abused – Healing Our Marriage will pop up.

I’ll pepper the blogs with photos from our travels. Here we are on the Silo Art Trail in Brim, Vic. Australia.

Silo Trail, Brim

We begin our day at breakfast asking each other where will we go today? Will stay here? Will we explore a bit more? Is it time to move on? Where will we go?

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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