Our Little Budget Book

20180921_184158 (1)

Bruce and Christie the characters from Abused – Saving Our Marriage have put together “Our Little Budget Book” linking in the steps they took to claw their way out of debt and try to save their marriage. If you would like to be one of the first to get a copy of the ebook for free, sign up here

The book is currently with my fabulous Beta Readers. I start to get totally scared and excited all at the same time when a book gets to the stage of being read by someone else. Where do you draw the line? Every time I look at the book, there is something else to fix. Something else to write better. Another mistake not picked up in spell check. The list goes on.

I’ve been following Libby, Ditch the Carbs this month and our success has been fair to middling. But we’ve both lost a bit of weight. Libby’s motto at the bottom of each post is

“Aim for Ptrogress, Not Perfection”

and I think that’s a good mantra to take up in all areas of my life.

So as I learn and grow in this craft of writting, I’m aiming for progress, for lesson’s learned.

Where are we?

Curently we are camped beside the Mighty Murray River, just below the confluence of the Murray and Darling Rivers. It is so peaceful and serene.


Don’t miss out, if you haven’t already, sign up for a free copy of “Our Little Budget Book” when it’s released near the end of October. Sign up Here

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