BoJo 2019


I kept a journal diary since I was twelve, until a guru said in recording what you’ve done holds no value or purpose, you’re living in the past.

Since we’ve been living on the road, I’ve enjoyed looking back on places we’ve been.

Does journaling have a place in todays busy world?

According to Ryder Carroll, who battled ADD long before it was fashionable, it calmed his mind and helped him make sense of the world. The action of using pen on paper slows our mind down.

For more information about it, check out his website for the Bullet Journal or BoJo. It seems there’s a whole movement from products to Youtube demos.

Now the idea with BoJo is to work on a notebook and not be confined to limitations of a diary. But I had already bought my 2019 diary, forunately with plenty of useful pages I’ve been able to adapt for my Collections.

I’ll let you know how the journaling is going from time to time.

What I’m working on:

I have a backlog of editing (not my favorite job).
I’m wanting to write, but know its going to end up with even more editing hanging over my head.
So, new year planning, I’ve halved my writing time and will use the second hour to edit. And then… the three books will be ready for publishing.

What I’m learning:

I’ve gone back to blogging basics following Daren Rouse of Problogger and Shaun Ogle of Location Rebel, both touching on this topic.

As an aside February 7 is international start a blog day.


Seth Godin’s blog struck a cord with me when he said “If you don’t have time to clean up, you don’t have time to cook”.

Have you started a project to find you have run out of time?

The story of my life and until I read this quote, I realised I only allowed enough time for the ‘main event’ but not prep or clean up (or editing). Light bulb moment.

I love Seths blogs. They’re a food for thought read with breakfast for me and the post I mentioned is here. His blog is worth signing up for.

What I’m Reading:

1. To Study

Confession, I usually have two or three books I’m reading at one time. One will be as a study of the way an author writes. Currently Cheryl Phipps Prossers Bay series. Cheryl is a Kiwi author and she also joins with three other New Zealand authors in a podcast called The SPA (Self Publish Authors) Girls. Their presentation is fun and they’ve introduced great authors. I’ve learnt so much listening to them. The link to their podcast is here.

2. To learn:

Non-fiction – currently Yaro Starkes Bloggers Blueprint, which is available free as an e-book or an Audio Book.

3. For Relaxation:

Pleasure is for my own pleasure but I guess I’m also look for craftmanship. This is in a different genre, The Titus Ray series by Luana Ehrlich. Luana has retired from ministry and mission alongside her husband. This is a thriller/mystery series and an easy read.

Where are we?

Still wandering around Tasmania. Currently in Arthur River in the Tarkine National Park. Today we cruised up the river viewing cool temperate rainforest and the last known natural location of the Tasmanian Tiger. It prowls the guilty conscience of many Tasmanians, because the white mans arrival, protecting farm land, and possibly disease brought by domestic dogs, sped it into extinction, with the last known tiger dying in 1934.

But if you look carefully, you may just spot a fawn flash of colour followed by stripes if you go deep enough into the west coast wilderness.

The cruise (on the Red Boat) was great value, well organised and Katelin and Emma were lovely hosts. They wandered Australia before settling here as a family group.

Wine was supplied with our BBQ lunch and we wondered how many replicated the self help bar on their return home…

Skipper and bush walk guide, Rob should be made a national treasure. He’s a natural storyteller and we enjoyed listening to him bringing the past to life. The rainforest is still the same as it was in the Jurassic period.

The Red Boat Cruise on the George Robinson info for when you come tiger hunting.

Apologies for such a long post.

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