When Life Gets in the Way

Changing Views out the Office Window

The first edit of Book 2 of the healing our marriage series is complete and it goes to my awesome beta readers today.
If you would like to join the beta reader group, please contact me on messenger.

I’m learning to include more descriptions. Not cliche ones like as bright as the sun or twinkling like the stars.

In book 2 of Healing Our Marriage, Bruce and Christie are having a full on argument while Nessa’s life hangs in the balance. Christie was expecting comfort from Bruce. Instead “his anger was so harsh it felt like he’d slapped her with the ropes used to rescue Nessa.”

Comparison with long hand and Bullet.

Apologies the my last long entry had a private comment. That last entry took the equivalent of a whole page.

Now the word count is lower, making looking back on our trip recorded in bullets a quick read.

The Bullet Journal is helping productivity – when I remember to use it. Still working on improving the habit. Also my daily log is quick and easy.

In a SPA Girls podcast, they discussed working in twenty five minute chunks and then taking a five minute break to do as something else.

Like breathing exercises.

I’ve struggled with my breathing for the last couple of months. After lung function tests it turns out my lungs are working on one third capacity. I have COPD (Cronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

I’ve been athsmatic most of my life, so I’m used to dealing with breathlessness.
New medication plus my sisters suggestions for breathing exercises, have me breathing much easier.

What I’m Reading:

1. Craft – Hope Callaghan, a Christian author with multiple series. Reading through, I can see growth and improvement in her craft skill. Plus her characters are fun.

2. Learning – Still working on Layering Your Novel by C S. Lakin. Lots of info to infiltrate improving my craft.

3. Pleasure – Cruise Facts by Ken Rossignol. Cruising is on the bucket list up front and professional. Who doesn’t love romance in exotic or distant places?

Where are we?

Beautiful Beach and Penguins

Well, we’ve been in a flight pattern around Launceston for so long now, both of us dealing with health issues. We were in Franklin when the bushfires in the Huon Valley took off and woke to find ourselves surrounded by smoke. Not good for a chic struggling to breath.

The smoke down in southern Tasmania has stopped any further exploration down there, so tonight we’re off to Sulphur Beach and nests of Fairy (Little Blue) Penguins.

We look straight out to Bass Straight and saw the Spirit of Tasmania. Plus the beach is a pleasure to walk.

Have a fabulous week.

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