A Privilege

Editing for Growing, Healing Our Marriage

Edits have begun to arrive from the absolutely fabulous Beta Readers, so the second edit of Growing, Healing Our Marriage is underway. A very enlightening process, a great way to learn and improve writing skills.

Editing for Others

I’ve also been editing for other authors this week and one book in particular has really touched me. I’ll let you know when its available for publishing, because this is one of those triumph over the odds books, written in an uplifting way.

This work is for karma points at Scribophile. To get work edited, you need to acquire sufficient points by editing other people’s work or winning competitions.


Two things that stand out:

The number of parts to a story doesn’t have to be three; beginning, middle and end. This works conveniently for performances needing to give the audience a break. It isn’t relevant for a story.

How to go about creating multi-layered stories (without complicating things too much).

Both of these came from ‘Layering Your Novel – An Innovative Method’ by C. S Lakin.


As well as Layering Your Novel I’m reading:

Four Months In Cuba by Luana Ehrlich to study linking a series.

A group of books on travel to get an understanding of how they flow. This years November Nanowrimo project is Traveling Australia, not sure what to name it yet.


Mentioning Nanowrimo, Camp Nanowrimo begins in April. If you have ever considered writing a book, here’s a great place to start, with heaps of support. Accomplished authors give freely of their expertise.

Where are we?

We are beside the sea. Front row seats looking out to the ocean across a golden sand beach. Surfers riding the waves, lifeguards patrolling the beach. It is beautiful. On top of that, ships can be seen out on the horizon. So we’ve decided to stay another day.

The background photo is of the beach at Coledale.

Have a fabulous week.

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