When Do You Become an Author?

When I start writing?

Do I magically turn into an author when I begin to write the first word on a page?

No one knows I’ve written anything. And I don’t want to say I’m a writer. The next question the person, be it spouse, partner or best friend would say is what have you written?

Job Title

You know how it is, you go to the doctor, a gym, whatever. A new member. Paperwork to complete. There’s a space after Occupation.

What do you put in there? Shop Assistant/wannabe writer or Secretary/Dreams of being an Author? Pharmacist/Plans to Write? Or proudly enter Writer.

The next question would be what books have you published? And if one hundred words are all you’ve written (just that morning), whatever could you say? Starting out might not cut the mustard.

First Book Published

The first book is published. Only a few people have read it. There’s even a review, not a great one. I know I suck. I’m wasting my time.

What’s the point in this? Who am I kidding? I’m not a writer.

Yet, my keyboard keeps calling. I’ve never been a morning person, yet crawling out of bed at five is easy, I know I’m going to my happy place.

My characters speak to me. Their story unfolds. I’ve carefully plotted. But those characters don’t seem to get the storyline. So I write what they say. I go with the flow.

Going with the flow is one thing I’ve learnt in this nomadic lifestyle we live.


This week I listened to Jeff Goins book ‘You Are A Writer so Start Acting Like One’. (I finally managed to get whisper sync to work!). I’d already read the book, but missed this crucial paragraph.


Auditory is a strong tool for me to learn with. It goes back to my childhood I think. When I first started school reading didn’t ‘click’ for me. My poor Mother was despairing. My school report was of concern to her.

Becoming a Bookworm

Mum enlisted the help of a family friend, Jenny, and her sister, Lorraine, both avid readers. Who better to encourage non readers than bookworms?

But the time I was nine, I’d become a bookworm, too. The story’s of far away places, even a Faraway Tree, lured me in.

Long Story

In school we began to write our own stories. I loved it. Long story writing, short story writing. Did I become a writer then?


Why? Because you become a writer when…

You Say You Are.

That’s it! You become a writer when you say you are. When you start acting like a writer. Hearing this on whisper sync, not reading it in the book, but hearing it, I knew. I’m a writer. And I always have been.

We’ve heard before ‘Everyone has at least one story in them’ and I believe it’s true.

When we give in, decide I’m going to write my story now. Not when I retire, when I have time. Or whatever excuses we let stand in our way.

When we choose to let our story spill out, we become a writer.

Let me know when you become a writer. I’d love to hear from you.

Currently we are campground custodians in Bundaberg, Australia for the Australian motorhome club (the CMCA).

This weeks photo is the dawn of another sunny day in ‘Bundy’.

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