70 Days Left In This Decade

What are you going to do with them?

Working On

I’ve been working my way through Nanowrimo’s Preptober, following the free Guide to Writing 101.

My characters are coming to life. I’ve written a chapter about them in a Christie and Bruce series book, so I’ve begun to get to know them.

The only trouble was I don’t know which genre they fit into. I’m still not sure. At this stage, it’s called Kiwis don’t fly.

As I explore the possibilities, I’m beginning to see there’s more than one book to be written. That’s good, not having a shortage of material.

So another book will be written this decade.

One published at the beginning of December for holiday reading and dreaming, called RV Travel, Hints, Tips and Hacks.


Currently we’re cleaning and emptying our motorhome in preparation for shipping to New Zealand. We’re flying, the ship is cargo only. We did consider cruising, but it wasn’t going to work. We have a lot of paperwork to complete before the ship arrives, to ensure we comply with customs and MAF.

What About You

So, before this decade closes, what are you going to do?

A Lima dropped down in front of us chattering like a cat, when we visited Bindi’s Island at Australia Zoo last week. So cool.

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