Look for Short Stories Everywhere

Sitting at a bus stop, in the car, at a train station, in an airport or on these modes of transport? From a window seat in a cafe. Observe the people around you.

Make up stories in your head about them (just don’t believe them or pass them on as gossip if you know who the person is).

We’re just observing okay? Without staring. Or stalking. Definitely don’t follow someone unless they’re walking in the same direction as you.

What do you think is going on in their life. Are they sad, tired, happy, excited (must be a kid).

Are they walking fast or slow? What does their walk tell you? Are they late, or have hurry sickness? Are they dawdling, reluctant to go somewhere? Why? Or relaxed and on holiday? Or always chilled out. Always I a hurry.

When you wake up with a story write it down in the notebook you keep by your bed.

Gather your stories. Let me know how you go.

We’ve had the App on the motorhome tablet upgraded so it talks to the motorhome system again. (They must have had a fight because they weren’t speaking). Now Mr S can see how much water is in the tanks, and how much solar power is coming in, the status of the batteries and how much power we’re using. I only understand the wstervtank level.

Background photo

is a sunrise at The Willows, beside the Waimakariri River.

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