We Are Always Learning and Improving

As I work through the editorial synopsis in my current work in progress, I’ve made a conscious and deliberate effort to focus on improving scene writing.

If Hemmingway was still learning, I have so much to understand as well.

It was a relief to hear this weeks episode of the SPA Girls discuss descriptions. Catch episode Spa Girls Podcast #229 How to Write Great Descriptions

This week we met up with dear friends for dinner. Helen reminded me of the Outlander Series and it has been with great delight I’ve made its acquaintance again.

The SPA girls also mentioned the series and why Diana Gabaldon was successful in the way she included the descriptions of the scene to move the story along.

On the drawing board is the first episode of my newsletter which will come out monthly and include a short story at no cost to you. The short stories will be compiled in a book at the end of the year.

Also newsletter subscriptions will receive free chapters from books in the series I’m working on. A story with your morning cuppa.

Advance notice for pre release of the next under $2. More information on the newsletter next week.

Benji has settled back into motorhome life. We’re currently parked in Tekapo and he is firmly fixed on his self appointed job of rabbit patrol.

Happy writing and reading,


One thought on “We Are Always Learning and Improving

  1. Hi Carron
    Just reading some of your work. Great to see that you are back in your camper van and enjoying the wonderful country


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