Draft is Ready for Editing

Adverbs are the tool of the Lazy Writer

The first draft is almost ready to go for editing and next minute…

… the SPA girls podcast #229 is about descriptions. Now I have been working on them, and this book has scope for amazing descriptions but…

… reading about descriptions led to a Jericho Writers article on adverbs and verbs. When the right verb is used, wow! What a difference it makes.

Now, one could go ahead and submit their book to an editor to have the adverb issue pointed out, or one could take another sweep of the story and create something worth reading.

So here we are, Camp Nanowrimo looming and the book requiring its loose notes turned into a decent plot; a book to get away for editing; and a writing course to complete. Yikes.

Time to get the brain into gear and fingers on the keyboard.

A short story will appear in our newsletter so go ahead and sign up if you want a quick read with your coffee, free of charge.

Background photo is the sunrise from our camping ground near Christchurch.

Have a fabulous week reading and writing.

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