May Your Choices Reflect Your Hope’s

Cassie joined the O’Dark Club at Jessie’s Wordsmiths and the words of the story that had whirled around in her head floated from her brain, via keyboard to manuscript.

Susan Pere was wondering if The Sanctuary, her vision and dream, was indeed what she had been called to build. A place of Sanctuary, refuge from family harm?

They were in lockdown and everything was turning to custard and pooling around her feet.

How could she have let things get so out of hand?

Cassie was wondering the same about her writing. Was she on the right track? Answering a call of ministry, or creating a muddle of words, splashed hap-hazard on a blank canvas.

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” Nelson Mandela

Background photo is of our other neighbors.

Cassie Stevenson is my nondeplum for fiction writing. I’m currently taking part in Stay At Home Nanowrimo and documenting Cassie’s progress each day while writing The Sanctuary in April on my Instagram page Carron Stevenson

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