Overheard dialogue – Nanowrimo Instagram Challenge

To overhear dialogue, one needs to be out and about, listening for ebb and flow. Conversation is interrupted. Laughter begins before the sentence is finished.

Some people have unique things, analogies, old adages said in a modern way. Write them down for later use (carry a notebook or use the one on your phone). Um, it’s a bit creepy to listen in on some conversations. This is for research.

A caveat here. Remember those who listen at keyholes hear nothing good about themselves. Be discerning and wise about what you record.

Quote for Today
“Well done is better than well said.” Old Addage

Write down all your great ideas when they arrive. And then stop talking about writing and actually do it.

Writing Today
Someone is sleeping in the Vicars office at the church. And someone is sleeping in Mrs Browns campervan. We finally find out who.

Todays background photo is blossom springing forth from the tree trunk.

Nanowrimo has volunteers all over the world who support writers in their area. Check their website for your closest local. With COVID everything is online again this year.

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