Goal: Read 52 Books In 2022

A reading challenge for 2022 is to help expand the genre and topics I would normally read. Fifty-two books in fifty-two weeks.

The rules are reasonably flexible and creativity is encouraged.

The books don’t need to be read in order.

Books can be listened to instead of read. I use the apps Audible and Libby as well as Kobo (which manages both e-books and audio).

Libby provides books for free via the local library.

I’ve completed my first book, Untamed, ‘challenge number 7 – A Non Fiction Bestseller’

Glennon Doyle’s coming out story is full of honesty in a part memoir work. Its also about how women in particular look out to others for permission about what choices they make. Men make their own decisions.
An example was the simple question “are you hungry?” The boys made their own decision. Glennon watch the girls take a silent poll, even to appointing a spokesperson for all of them. I found this example of the differences enlightening. The book was full of aha and raised eyebrows moments.
And about judgement.
I’d recommend the book, but not a repeat read.

I’ll keep you updated as I work my way through the challenge. If you’re joining in, let me know how your going and I’d love to hear your recommendations.

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