Small Steps, Incremental Changes, Tipping Point

In Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point he looks behind the big changes to find they began with many small steps. Some by quite a few people who meet at a certain point to create something amazing.

This year, with pandemic uncertainty, how can we possibly plan for the year?

I decided to set big dreams aside, and focus on small steps that walk towards dreams. The dreams are big, but in reality they might not happen this year, but they will happen.

In the meantime, I’ll walk towards them. My word for this year is two “Small Steps”.

How’s your goal setting going?

Books I’ve read in January towards my 52 Books in 2022 Goal (I just need to work on which category they come under):

Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone – Diana Gabaldon (began in December, completed January)
The Relaxed Author – Joanna Penn
Treasure Island – Robert Louis Stevenson
Breath, The new Science Of A Lost Art – James Nestor
Financial Freedom – Grant Sabatier
Home Truths – Susan Lewis
Educated – Tara Westover (I’m not going to do well in the 52 books challenge if I keep repeating the same one!).

I have my listening speed set anywhere from 1.25x to 1.40x the normal speed. Yes, the books I read are audio. I listen when driving, doing housework, gardening and walking. My eyes aren’t what they were and by the time I’ve written for two to three hours, they’ve done their dash on printed word.

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