Something Old, Something New – Nanowrimo Instagram Challenge

Todays challenge definitely lends itself to romance. ‘ Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue’ – the tradition required for every bride on their wedding day. Im looking from a different perspective.
In a way our lives have had a demarcation –  our old life before Covid, and our new life after Covid.
None of us knows what lies ahead, but our reaction to it will determine what our new life looks like.

Quote for Today
“Our philosophy is about reaching back to move forward. We have something different to say with a sensibility that is both old and new.” – John Varvatos (fashion designer).

“Don’t love sleep, or you will become poor, open your eyes, and you will have enough to eat.” Pr 20:13

Writing Today
The WIP is at a stage of summarizing the chapters to tie up loose ends. Four chapters put into a few sentences. Sounds easy, but it is not.

Nanowrimo is about learning good writing practices that set you up for your writing career.

The background photo is of the Otago Central Hotel, reaching back into the past, using old machinery to create modern design. Modernising the old hotel for cyclists and other visitors. Old. New.

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Otago Central Hotel

Expect Good Things And Make Them Happen

“When I wake up, I expect things to be good. If they’re not, then I try to set about trying to make them as good as I can ’cause I know I’m gonna have to live that day anyway. So why not try to make the most of it if you can?” – Dolly Parton

Life isn’t always perfect, but we can make the most of what happens, looking for the best solution.

We can begin by being proactive, looking for what we CAN do.

Then we can praying about the rest, our day will be much better than the alternative.

I was late to the writing desk this morning after coughing half the night. My voice had become deep and raspy, so there would be no phone calls today. I was thankful to hit my 1500 word target as the amateur sleuths gathered to examine the facts.

I needed to go and get some honey lozenges to sooth my throat  and was about to climb in the car when I realised I was still in my nighty (in the middle of the afternoon!). Well we were still in lockdown.

Its true, poor writer’s starve in small spaces, writing in their pj’s (maybe I exaggerate).

This morning my voice has returned and I know this day will be awesome.

Enjoy yours.

In today’s photo did you notice the grey heron flying off the track to the left? From cycling the Otago Central Rail Trail.

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Otago Central Rail Trail