Overheard dialogue – Nanowrimo Instagram Challenge

To overhear dialogue, one needs to be out and about, listening for ebb and flow. Conversation is interrupted. Laughter begins before the sentence is finished.

Some people have unique things, analogies, old adages said in a modern way. Write them down for later use (carry a notebook or use the one on your phone). Um, it’s a bit creepy to listen in on some conversations. This is for research.

A caveat here. Remember those who listen at keyholes hear nothing good about themselves. Be discerning and wise about what you record.

Quote for Today
“Well done is better than well said.” Old Addage

Write down all your great ideas when they arrive. And then stop talking about writing and actually do it.

Writing Today
Someone is sleeping in the Vicars office at the church. And someone is sleeping in Mrs Browns campervan. We finally find out who.

Todays background photo is blossom springing forth from the tree trunk.

Nanowrimo has volunteers all over the world who support writers in their area. Check their website for your closest local. With COVID everything is online again this year.

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Nanowrimo Instagram Challenge: A Writing Buddy

Yesterday’s challenge was Oops and todays challenge is a writing buddy.

This applies to any time in life. When we have an oops, there is relief and encouragement to get over it, when the oops is shared with a writing buddy or friend.

The writing community are an incredibly supportive bunch. Avid readers abound and there’s always a need for a new good book to read.

I’ve found my writing buddies in Jessie’s Coffee Shop (International Writing Group), The Eastside Writers, Romance Writers of New Zealand (Christchurch – my local chapter), and in Gillian St Kevern’s YouTube writing sprint’s community.

Quote for Today
“Happiness is having a co-worker who becomes a friend.” – unknown

Writing Today
Sunday is my day of rest. Even if you’re not a Christian, you need a day of rest. Choose one that works for you and your family.

Todays background photo is the sunrise over Oamaru.

Did I mention Nanowrimo offers discount on amazing writing tools and courses to writers who participate and clock a win?

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Sunrise In Oamaru

Nanowrimo Instagram Challenge Show Don’t Tell

Princess Honour threw off her mules and ran along the beach. Stopping every ten steps, crouching, she scrunched her hands into the sand six times. Her face beamed like a flower kissed by the sun.

The princess turned around and looked at her handiwork, “Dinosaur prints.”

Yesterday we visited New Brighton Beach on a perfect spring day. A light breeze held the temperature in the early twenties. A perfect day.

Quote for Today
“The sky broke like an egg into full sunset and the water caught fire”. ~ Pamela Hansford Johnson. What an awesome show dont tell quote.

Writing Today
Alas the children woke earlier and I didn’t quite meet my quota. But I wrote.

Todays background photo is of a little princess on New Brighton Beach, waiting to meet the waves.

Did I mention Nanowrimo is free? Of course your donation is appreciated to help cover costs if you can afford it.

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A day at the beach

Nanowrimo Instagram Challenge Best Writing Memories

I’ve been working my way through the Nanowrimo Instagram Challenge including a bite along with my six days a week postings.

Today the Challenge has front seat.

I discovered Nanowrimo in Australia at the end of October 2017 (thank you Raine) and with no preparation worked on my first book. 50,000 plus words. 1667 words a day. It was in the back of my mind for years.

To get the writing done, I needed to get up early (and I was an owl so a big adjustment to the old body clock).

We were traveling Australia chasing sunsets and exploring places the likes of which I’d never seen before.  Big red rocks, long stretches of highway with road trains screaming past, wild life intent on suicide moves, or quietly passing near our campsite, red gorges where crocodiles roamed, colourfull birdlife including a shy cassowary, homes underground, gems sitting on the ground,  dust storms, rain storms, hail storms, a rare orchid, and lying in bed at night listening to the whales sing, plus so much more including the beautiful people we met along the way, or shared journeys together.

The dining room table my office, the word count my guide, letting the words flow straight through my fingers to my laptop.

This lifestyle is a precious writing memory as I shared the adventures with my soulmate. He passed away last year, taken far to early. We had more adventures planned. But it wasn’t to be.

Six years of travel together, no regrets. Precious memories.

Now, I’m working on a new adventure. Six days a week I begin with my butt in my seat and the goal to write 1500 plus words.

I believe everyone has at least one book in them and that you can write yours. Nanowrimo is a great platform to use.

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Chasing Sunsets

Lifehacks: Put Your House To Bed

Day 5

Today’s lifehack is: Put your house to bed each night, before you turn in.
It’s a pleasure to wake up to.
To do this, have a clean and shiny kitchen sink,
do a five minute declutter, throwing out or putting things away in the main living area.
There are heaps of YouTube videos on how to do this. Knock yourself out.

“Be the best version of your self.” – Unknown

Writing Today
I had my second COVID jab yesterday. It has left me with the mother of all headaches and I’ve been rather sleepy. So I listened to my body. Kept up the panadol, water and slept. No writing today. Completely missed the O’Dark Club.

October is InstaWrimo where authors post a photo from prompts.
Todays: Meet your MC.
Currently her name is Lauri (names often change by the end of the story. I use a name generator but sometimes the character doesn’t fit the name.).
Lauri is the wife of the local vicar. As she deals with empty nest syndrome and the death of her mother, she is given a companion dog named Teddy.

Todays photo is called Freedom.
It was our first motorhome on her maiden voyage. We escaped flooding for peace by the sea. In her we escaped earthquake after shocks. Eidlewize gave us freedom to reset our equilibrium. She was easy to put to bed at night.

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Freedom to Escape and reset our Equilibrium

Lifehacks: Always Get A Receipt

Day 4

Today’s lifehack is: always get a receipt when making an eftpos transaction. It closes the sale and protects you from being scammed.

“Life’s too short. Be an Avid Reader” – Carron Stevenson Author

Writing today.
So I heard on The Self Publishing Author Show (SPF #291) an interview with Dan Clark from Brain:fm (not to be confusedwith Brian fm).
They provide music tailored to your brain and the work / tasks you do.
I gave writing a go while listening to specific tempo Classical Music. It worked! Nailed higher than usual word counts without breaking a sweat.
The sprint flew by.

October is InstaWrimo where authors post a photo from prompts.
Todays: Adventure
There’s definitely adventure in my cosy mystery and in life as we camp out and watch my daughter and her partners home get built.

What I’m Reading
I read several books at a time. Currently I’m reading:
1. On craft – The Relaxed Author by Joanna Penn and Mark Leslie Lefebvre
2. To Study – The Princess Spy by Larry Loftis
3. Self Improvement – Shades Of Light by Sharon Garlough Brown
4. For enjoyment – The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrew’s while I’m waiting for my next Lucinda Riley book to come from the library – currently in the Seven Sisters series.

5. With my grandsons – Playing For Pizza – John Grisham
6. Various versions of the Bible in my early morning meditation. I’m trying to bring in an evening reading, but I drop off to sleep.

Total books read this year (to date) 145 – started out aiming to read 50, but got carried away.

Todays photo:

is my cosy nest where I like to read in the evening. On a good day, I turn the pillows to the other end of the bed, open the rear doors and enjoy the view and sunshine washing in. Benji always claims his spot with me. The beautiful quilt was made by my lovely friend Rhonda. Her Instagram is @rhonda.robertson.925

Benji has claimed his spot to snuggle in for a reading session

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Lifehacks: Learn How To Cook a Signature Dish

Day 3

We’ll need to put our heads together this week because we’ve all discovered things that make our life easier.

When we leave home, we need to have at least one dish we know is edible and others enjoy.

Ouch it smarts to find someone has complained and had your post taken down!

I do apologize for attributing the following quote to CS Lewis without checking first. Thanks for the heads up Scott!

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

– Author Unknown

“And this too shall come to pass.” – 2 Corinthians 4:17-18 I’ve checked the source of this quote.
These words sustained me through my darkest days.
Our mourning, grief, hurts, trials and worries are for a season (long or short), and although even if the situation never resolves itself, our thinking can change.

Writing today.
Sunday is my day off. But wouldn’t you know it, those characters keep yapping in my head!

October is InstaWrimo where authors post a photo from prompts.
Todays: Your Novels Setting

I’ve created a seaside town with tourists, ship cruise stop, a big city “over the hill” very loosely based on Akaroa, but lots of made up streets buildings and all the peopleare from my imagination.
Cos I can.
I’m still looking for a name, which is why the book name is Mystery 2 at this stage.

Any suggestions?

Two Questions
Whats your signature dish?
Are you taking up the Nanowrimo challenge? So great to get your messages about writing.

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The Best Life Hacks You’ve Discovered #2

Day 2

We’ll need to put our heads together this week because we’ve all discovered things that make our life easier.

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

– C.S. Lewis

One of the best things I did to lift myself up and move forward was gather positive and uplifting quotes and stories. Words from the Bible, and quotes about life.

Writing today.
I circled writing time and guarded it closely, putting up a big defense wall. And sat in my seat and wrote.

October is InstaWrimo where authors post a photo from prompts.
Working Title – “Cosy Mystery 2”
Definitely not “exciting and mountain moving”

We visited the swan again. She raised herself and I could only see two eggs. No sign of daddy-o but I’m hoping he has three babies on his back.

Two Questions
Whats your favourite motivational quote?
Are you taking up the Nanowrimo challenge? Go on, 1667 words a day, its doable.

#amwriting #writersnetwork #christianauthors #christianauthor #christianwriter #nanowrimo #christianwomenwriter #authorsoninstagram #authorofinstagram #bookstagram #eidlewise #travelnzopenspaces #kiwigreynomads #greynomads #womenontheroad #romancereaders #christianromance #grief #smile #happiness #swan #InstaWrimoChallenge #lifehack

The Best Life Hacks You’ve Discovered


We’ll need to put our heads together in this series because we’ve all discovered things that make our life easier.

This one comes from a recent conversation. The weather in New Zealand is so changeable. We can get all seasons in one day at anytime of the year.

Layers. The best way to dress is with layers to strip off and pull on as required. Choose clothing that matches and is interchangeable and you’re sorted.

No writing today. I was awake in the small hours and woke up groggy (I hadn’t been drinking – just in case you’rewondering).

Nanowrimo is just around the corner. Maybe this year is the one for you to join in? You’re going to write that book you always wanted to?

October is InstaWrimo where authors post a photo from prompts.

I am…
             thinking of things to incorporate in the plot I want to write.

We visited the swan again. She’s still sitting on her eggs. No sign of daddy-o.

Two Questions
Whats your clothing hack?
Are you taking up the Nanowrimo challenge?

I’d love to read your answer below…

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Enjoy Inner Peace Through Outer Order

We’ve been focusing on Happiness these last few days. But what happens if a lousy day raises its ugly head?

This week Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project wrote a post of ten strategies to help when we have a bad day.

The one that sooke loudest to me was:

4.  Seek inner peace through outer order. – Gretchen Rubin

Possibly because I’m prepping my campervan for sale and seriously trying to attain outer order. Things feel so peaceful when there’s outer order.

Prevention is better than cure, so having some coping strategies up our sleeves in advance makes good sense.

In writing close to the daily 1500 word target, thanks to a delayed school run.

Benji and I took a walk to see the swan and all her eggs are still warm and whole underneath her. As the eggs hatch, the daddy will come and take them on his back, leaving mum to look after the baby’s left to hatch. Then they’ll all leave the nest area together.

May your day be filled with fun,  overcoming obstacles and creating order.

Today is the end of September. Its time to be prepping for writing your fifty thousand word novel in a month – the first draft. For your eyes only. Check out the nano website for prep steps. Its only 1,167 words a day  you can do this!

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Christchurch Swans