Happy Easter

Wherever you are in your journey, may you be blessed as the Easter sun shines on you today.

Even during Nanowrimo, I take one day off a week from writing.

We’re building habits, and writing daily is a good one.

Self care is another.

Taking a day of rest is important. Moving the body is great for all the endorphins released. Self care extends to what we eat. I fast daily, even extending to a 24 hour fast once a week.

But Easter Sunday is a feast day. A day of celebration. Go easy on the chocolate and sugar okay?

Happy Easter

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What’s in the Pipeline?

Editing (not my favorite side of writing) went on the back burner to write a short story about Christie and Dara’s parents, Alex (Sandy) and Deidre – how did they meet? What is their love story?

Now in the editing stages, Sign up for my newsletter if your interested in getting a free copy prior to publishing.

Craft Spotlight

‘People don’t buy ‘books.’ They buy entertainment, information or inspiration.’ – Joanna Penn

This podcast is quite enlightening preparing to write the next book. I highly recommend a listen, or even better subscribing to Joanna’s podcast. She is very generous with her knowledge for fellow authors.

So writing a story, after the first draft, ask the questions:

Does this entertain?

Are there twists?

Is it interesting?

Are the plot points in place?


Camp Nanowrimo is on in April. Have you got a story you want to write? This is a great practice opportunity for the big hit in November.

Authors and skilled people who help deliver your story give their advice for free. Why not take the opportunity to learn?

A highlight is a young writers workshop and plenty of encouragement.

Where are we?

Lakes Entrance Beach

Returning to Mainland Australia, and with summer throwing her last energy into temperatures in the mid thirties (that’s nineties in Fahrenheit), the east coast road, with beautiful beaches, beckons on our journey north.

Nanowrimo is Looming Fast!

How do you get into a good habit?

We all know to keep repeating an action and in about twenty one days it will become a habit.

There is a proviso. The habit needs to be one that will make a difference. One we feel passionate about.

Nanowrimo not only got me into the habit of writing daily, they provided training, most of it free, generously given from successful writers.

Also available is discounted tools to help writers write. It was the discipline that got me going.

Now, I get up early and write (or edit – but never both at the same time because they use different sides of our brain). I write from 5.30am to 7.30am and churn out between 1200 to 2400 (my best so far – and only once) words.

I wish I could say it was easy, but I can’t lie, it takes discipline. It’s easier to check email (just a quick look) or FB first. But I’m onto my stalling tactics now.

November is rolling around fast but it isn’t too late to join in and really get that novel underway.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join the fun. Learn on the job. Cover that first blank page and there’ll be no stopping you.

Nanowrimo is free, although you might want to help by making a donation or buying merchandise.

Give it a go by clicking the Nanowrimo website here

I’ve chosen a working title for my book, but I’m not sure about it. Only because i prefer positive rather than negative words but I’ve drawn a blank at this stage.

Feel free to comment or email me any suggestions. What do you think…