MailerLite Course For Authors With A Customer List

Being an Author is all about creating a story, right?

And editing, before sending to a professional.

There’s books to prepare for the accountant.

Advertising…Website, so many things you could flend up feeling like a one arm paper hanger.

The good news is Blackwolf Editorial Services’s Judy L Mohr has created a course to help.

When you have finished the course, you will have created an automated email sequence, so there are less jobs to worry about. If only we could do that with a hundred and one other things!

This is the ideal set it and forget it, freeing up some of your precious time.

And even better, there’s a launch special you can take advantage of.

MailerLite $US15

But get in quick because this offer ends in March.

Its not normal for me to recommend a product, but Judy has put in a lot of work to bring this to authors.