A Cliffhanger – Nanowrimo Instagram Challenge

Your on the edge of your seat, eyes dilated, heart pounding for the hero. Its one o’clock in the morning and the pages have been turned fast to find out how they get out of the diabolical situation. And…

‘Be sure to buy the next book to find out what happens next.’ Huh? Book flies across the room and slides down the wall.

If there’s a cliffhanger, the next book had better be accessible!

Fun fact: remember the series “Lost”? The writers were instructed to finish each episode on a cliffhanger.
When asked how they were going to tie up all the loose ends, a writer shrugged, they weren’t. The series made lots of money, but ticked a lot of people off.

Quote for Today
“Attention spans are changing. It’s very noticeable. I am very aware that the kind of books I read in my childhood kids now won’t be able to read. I was reading Kipling and PG Wodehouse and Shakespeare at the age of 11. The kind of description and detail I read I would not put in my books. I don’t know how much you can fight that because you want children to read. So I pack in excitement and plot and illustrations and have a cliffhanger every chapter. Charles Dickens was doing cliffhangers way back when. But even with all the excitement you have to make children care about the characters.” – Cressida Cowell

Writing today was in a new location. I think you’ll like it. It’s

Nanowrimo is nearly here. Um, what words do I write next? Trust they’ll come. Begin writing anything to get into the groove. The cliffhanger is for the reader, not the writer.

The background photo is a true cliffhanger for a dramatic continent. The cliffs stretch acrossthe bottom of the Southern end of the Australian continent, amazing to see in real life. An audio book to listen to, dramatic views, wildlife, whales, the Nullarbor is not boring. (Check out Instagram posts September 2018).

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Nullarbor Cliffs, the dramatic southern edge of Australia

Favorite Quote – Nanowrimo Instagram Challenge

Todays challenge is favorite quote, but this would have to be one of the hardest challenges. I LOVE quotes. They often form the basis of what I post. My favorite quote changes as I grow and stretch along my journey.
The quote that I have lived my life by is “And it came to pass.”
No matter what happens in our life, it will either come to pass or the way we look at the challenge will come to pass.
When we change under the pressure of what burdens us, we move forward. I confess, sometimes the pressure was on for sometime before I was able to move forward.

Quote for Today
“And it came to pass.” – ubiquitous biblical quote.

Whatever is troubling you, hold it out. Think about the worst scenario. Now think about the best possible outcome. Whatever happens, you will find a way to cope as you accept this thing has happened or, will happen or may happen. Hand it over to God. Stand in his amazing presence. You are not walking alone. It may take time. Acceptance is the first hurdle.

I have found a name for my fictitious town. Volcano Harbour and the closest city Te Taone (Maori for The City). I’m hoping this will be an acceptable name as Maori give the name of a place as a precious gift.

Nanowrimo is nearly here. Excitement and fear are building among writers. Look at it this way. If you don’t make the fifty thousand word challenge, whatever you do write is more than you started with. One time my story stopped at thirty two thousand words and I discovered it was a novella, not a full blown story. My characters refused to budge, no matter how hard I tried.

The background photo is from a wall of T L Travers Mary Poppins, from when we visited Maryborough, Queensland, Australia.

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Mary Poppins

Writing Snacks – Nanowrimo Instagram Challenge

Todays challenge is writing snacks. Simple. I dont eat until later in the day on 16/8 or 19/5 intermittent fasting. That means my body fasts for 16 or 19 hours and I eat in an 8 or 5 hour window.
Check out Gin Stephens book Fast, Feast, Repeat or her inspirational podcast of Intermittent Fasting Stories.
Take the 28 Day Challenge and you’ll find this is an easy way to care for your body.
They say people come to intermittent fasting to loose weight, but stay for the health benefits. You just feel better. The body doesn’t ache so much.
And there’s no “diet” foods. There is no expense to eat this way. No marketing to follow. It’s free apart from your normal food costs.
If you choose this way of eating remember to fast clean. Black coffe/tea and water. Anything else triggers an insulin response.

Quote for Today
“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.” – Bethenny Frankel – TV personality and entrepreneur.

Let food be your medicine and medicine your food – Hippocrates

Yesterday was a national holiday in New Zealand. I took it as a holiday too, hiring a motorhome while the one I call home is in for its annual service and deep clean.
I also caught up with my cousins and we all agreed we need to get together more frequently.

Nanowrimo is nearly here. It isn’t too late to decide to join in.

The background photo is the mile long jetty at Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia. Don’t you just love pelicans?

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Pelican, Hervey Bay Jetty. Your diet is a bank account.

Soundtrack and Speedrun – Nanowrimo Instagram Challenge

Todays two challenges are soundtrack (best music to write to, or specifically chosen to lend a specific mood to the story) and speedrun (a summary of your story in five words).
When I write it can only be music – no words. Currently I’m listening to brain stimulating classical music.
The story: heroine ignites people; saves country.

Quote for Today
“Wake up thinking Thank You”

Think of three things your grateful for.

The sermon on Sunday was about how we wake up, thinking grrr I didn’t get enough sleep. We rush through our day and then go to bed late at night thinking grrr I didn’t get enough done.

Each time you take a break, write down what you’ve done in the last hour or so. At the end of the day you’ve created a “ta dah” list. Focusing on what was done, not left undone, go to bed with a grateful heart.

Let me know if this practice changes your day.

Nanowrimo is nearly here. I now have a mindmap of my plot. (She does a little dance).

The background photo is of the beautiful Tarawera Falls, New Zealand

Tarawera Falls

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Character Flaw – Nanowrimo Instagram Challenge

Todays challenge is about truth. We are all flawed and fall short of the person we want to be.
It’s hard for a writer to give their hero flaws. Or to give the villian a save the cat moment (a humane and kind gesture).
But perfect people don’t exist in real life and would be boring to read about.
Thank goodness for The Negative Trait Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi.

Quote for Today
“Stop trying to ‘fix’ yourself; you’re NOT broken! You are perfectly imperfect and powerful beyond measure.” – Steve Maraboli

Indeed, there is not a righteous man on earth who continually does good and who never sins. Eccl 7:20

Writing Today
I woke up with the plot for Book 2 of The Cosy Mystery Trilogy, but it was several hour later when I arrived early for yoga, before I could scribble it down.

Nanowrimo is nearly here. It isn’t too late to think about writing a book. My first book was written with a rough idea, no plot whatsoever.
Authors show no one their first draft. It’s always the 2nd, 3rd or 22nd before its good enough to share.
But you can’t edit a blank page, whether it’s a manuscript or life.

The background photo is of the pretty Azalea’s in the Millbrook Reserve, Christchurch.

Be very kind to you today.

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Stop Trying to Fix Yourself

Plot Twist- Nanowrimo Instagram Challenge

Todays challenge is for mystery and thriller writers. Readers love working it out, but they love a good twist, whether they see it in advance or not – because the author must give clues leading to the end result.

Quote for Today
“When something goes wrong in your life just yell ‘Plot Twist’ and move on.” – Molly Weisf

“Above everything else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Pr 4:25

Writing Today
The writing took a back seat. It happens. I met with a group of writing friends. Such an encouraging and positive experience.

Nanowrimo has helped many successful writers get their career started.

The background photo is of the newest family members. Five little kittens joined us yesterday morning.

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Boots with her kittens

Favourite Book – Nanowrimo Instagram Challenge

Todays challenge is for you and me both. What is your favourite book?

The answer is such a hard one.

My most read is Anne Of Green Gables, after the Bible.

My favourite genre is mystery, with romance.

I love books with strong characters that stick around in my mind long after the book is finished. The author was done their job creating believable people.

I also like a strong message, not cringing from topical issues like family violence, protecting our planet, giving a hand up for the less fortunate, encouraging world peace, and not placing a high priority on possessions and consumables – living simply, with a light footprint.

Quote for Today
“So please, oh please, we beg, we pray, go throw your TV set away, and in its place you can install a lovely bookshelf on the wall.” – Roald Dahl

“Faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ” Rom 10:17

Writing Today
The WIP took a leap forward. After the school run my morning was free to ensconce myself at the library and work for two solid hours.

Nanowrimo has YouTube videos on how to write a book.

The background photo is of the goats and sheep on my daughter and her partners lifestyle block at sunset. Peaceful.

Leave a note in the comments of your favourite book. We readers are always looking for our next book.

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Something Old, Something New – Nanowrimo Instagram Challenge

Todays challenge definitely lends itself to romance. ‘ Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue’ – the tradition required for every bride on their wedding day. Im looking from a different perspective.
In a way our lives have had a demarcation –  our old life before Covid, and our new life after Covid.
None of us knows what lies ahead, but our reaction to it will determine what our new life looks like.

Quote for Today
“Our philosophy is about reaching back to move forward. We have something different to say with a sensibility that is both old and new.” – John Varvatos (fashion designer).

“Don’t love sleep, or you will become poor, open your eyes, and you will have enough to eat.” Pr 20:13

Writing Today
The WIP is at a stage of summarizing the chapters to tie up loose ends. Four chapters put into a few sentences. Sounds easy, but it is not.

Nanowrimo is about learning good writing practices that set you up for your writing career.

The background photo is of the Otago Central Hotel, reaching back into the past, using old machinery to create modern design. Modernising the old hotel for cyclists and other visitors. Old. New.

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Otago Central Hotel

Writing Rituals – Nanowrimo Instagram Challenge

My day starts with the alarm – Matt Redman singing 10,000 Reasons. Because when I lost Geoff, I really needed a reason to crawl out of bed. Water. Coffee.
On to prayer and a Bible reading, water, and meditation. Coffee. Turn on laptop. Coffee.
Tune into the O’Dark Club. Water. Write 1500 words in 20 minute sprints. Coffee.
Okay, thats the dream morning.
It happens once or twice a week like that.
I do start with the alarm, prayer, and then I get side tracked several mornings a week.

Quote for Today
“Put your butt in the chair and write 1000 words a day.” – ubiquitous writing quote.

“Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.” Prov 16:3  God feeds the birds, but he doesn’t throw their food into their nest.

Writing Today
89 words. 89! Then school run and childcare while Mum went to dentist and completed messages.

Nanowrimo is all about encouraging writers to fulfill their dreams.

The background photo is of the pretty tulips my daughter planted in her garden around the Golden elm we planted in Geoff’s memory.

#amwriting #writersnetwork #christianauthors #christianauthor #christianwriter #nanowrimo #christianwomenwriter #authorsoninstagram #authorofinstagram #bookstagram #eidlewise #travelnzopenspaces #kiwigreynomads #greynomads #womenontheroad #romancereaders #christianromance #grief #smile #happiness #InstaWrimoChallenge #love #workethic #tulips

Tulips in Kats garden

Your Favorite WordNanowrimo Instagram Challenge

Love is one of my favorite words. Wear the garment of love because it goes with everything else you wear.

Love is the answer to so many questions, even the big ones like world peace and caring for our environment.

Todays quote is the essence of every successful love story.

Quote for Today
“I saw that you were perfect and I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more.” – Angelita Lim

“Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. … Love never ends.”

Writing Today
Exploring brother – sister relationships, one I never had the privilege of having.

Nanowrimo is digital for the second year in a row. Prior to that, writing groups met locally.

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