Do You Look For The Rainbow?

A few nights ago one of my grandson called out “Gran, Gran, come and see.”

We all hurried out to watch a beautiful sunset sky. My job is done. I’ve been calling them to watch some of our more spectacular sunsets for awhile.

Now they’re noticing the sky for themselves.

Its the same with rainbows. They only happen with moisture, in the sky, in the bubbles.

For there to be a rainbow, there must be rain. We have to keep looking for the sun.

Taking joy in the beauty of creation. The stars at night while taking Benji for his last walk before bed…

And always looking for the promise of the rainbow – the sun will shine again.

New Zealand moves to alert level Delta 2 midnight tonight, with the exception of the Auckland area where the outbreak happened and cases are still popping up.

Thank you to the people in this area for staying in place and staying safe to stop the spread of the disease. We hope the numbers move down and your lives will return to normal, too. We’ll mask up and keep our distance too.

Tracking down a killer today. Did he kill in anger? Or defense? Will Mrs Brown be safe? Is Lucas walking into a trap? Even the writer doesn’t know the answer yet…

Have a fabulous day.

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