Shooting What The Sunrise Is Reflecting

Wisdom is thinking through the warnings, taking everything into consideration and then making a decision.

There are trees across state highway 1, powerlines are down, causing fires, roofs and sheds have been blown away. Don’t go!

A front came through rocking the campervan around, the rain heavy. Dont go.

Check in with what is actually happening. The sun is shining. Its cold. The odd sciff of rain is coming through. Maybe I can go?

Decisions, decisions.

Other girls have got through. Maybe?

The Motorhome Babes are meeting in the village of Glenavy, near the mouth of the Waitaki River. Its been months in the planning. We’re at level Delta2. People can gather, inside up to 50 if the space is a certain size, 100 if its outdoor.

We’re all in our own shelter – some of us even live in our RV fulltime.

The front went through. The wind died down. The sun came out. I went.

The tree blocking the road at 3am was long since cleared. No flooding. Some of the babes left homes with no power, shed blown away. Nothing more they could do.

Forty brave girls put on their big girls panties and drove their RVs with courage. Getting more familiar with driving, backing, parking, hooking up (the power) emptying the waste, with every trip.

Last night’s gathering was fun. One babe had been chatted up, invited out for a beer. Did I mention the average age of the babes is around sixty? Although this babe is much younger, a true babe.

Sometimes wisdom isn’t looking at what the masses are doing, but thinking for yourself.

Sometimes the photo of the sunrise is its reflection and not the sunrise itself.

Watching the sunrise at the Twelve Apostles, everyone was facing east. Except me. I was facing west, watching the sunrise on the (no longer) Twelve Apostles, Victoria, Australia. Wisdom isn’t always following the masses.

Writing was brief – I needed to pack up, before taking the boys to school.

My MC meets a stranger she’s never met before, yet he seems familiar. He lingers after her Mom’s memorial service. He knew her Mum. But who is he? A murderer? No, he’s an old man with a shuffle more than a walk.

Today’s photo is The Southern Alps of New Zealand, looking up the mighty Waitaki River.

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