Finding Time to Write

Newsflash, we can’t create more than 24 hours in a day, but we can be productive with the one’s we’ve got.

Note, its my personal BoJo, so I’m not bothered by my inability to draw.

I know the thing with the ear on, is actually the backpack I usually carry but Mr S took over for me.

I haven’t dripped water on my journal, just hiding some personal stuff.

The BoJo 2019 is helping me

  1. Know what I need to do today (write this blog post)
  2. And tomorrow (post it)
  3. Gives me satisfaction in seeing things I’ve accomplished (it’s like having your own cheerleader who is yourself in an indirect way).
  4. I got a bit complicated with it, and have slashed it back to:
  • Year
  • Month
  • Day
  • Future
  • And the collections are standard, like routine and grocery list.

Notes for Next Book Ideas

I have so many writing notes, it suits me to keep them all in the same notebook, but now I have an index at the back and can easily find the notes I’m looking for.

Daily Tasks

My day is kept to a maximum of three things and if I run out I can add more (hardly ever happens).

Travel Log

Since we started travelling years ago, I’ve keept a log of where we are staying and what we have done that day. After reading about BoJo, I decided to change the format to bullet points. Job done in a quarter of the time.

New Goals Progress

I’ve also discovered that I need more specifics.

For example, I know I need to edit each day and it’s a job I hate. It seems “editing” on its own really has no appeal. But “improving the chapter of Christie and Bruce’s camping experience where the explosion happened” is more enticing.

Also, writing down this instruction for working on tomorrow, after the editing I did today is helpful.

I know exactly where I got up to, and what I’m going to do before I open the laptop. My brain is already in editing mode.

Having written it down the day before, in the background my mind is churning away for ideas to improve the story.

Tracking New Year Resolutions

The other thing that has popped up is the new year’s resolutions not being worked on, and the ones that are being met, like working on my faith journey and reading books.

Turns out the ones that aren’t getting the tick are my weakest areas (like health – moving the bod, eating cleanly, going to bed earlier at night – there always seems to be a book too good I just can’t put it down).

So, my resolve this week is to focus on my weaker areas.

What I’m Working On:

Still editing Book Two and will get it off my desk by the end of January. I think when you want a book to be good, you could keep improving it, but it will never be read.

What I’m Learning:

On the year-end podcasts from the authors and entrepreneur’s I follow, it seems Life Happens.

Sometimes it isn’t possible to reach all goals. It might just happen next year. And if it doesn’t we need to look at whether we really want to accomplish the goal and what is holding us back from doing it.

The profound thing I realised is all the authors had life events happen that got in the way of their work, but they pushed through and although they may not have published five books, they did do three.

Which means, for newbies like us, we need to keep pushing, to not give up. Thanks to the SPA girls podcast #166 for the insight in their 2018 round up.

What I’m Reading:

To Study

My Husband’s Wives by Faith Hogan who set this book in Ireland and one of the things I’m really enjoying are her descriptions of things.

Like regarding a rude woman “as though she might produce a square egg to show everyone just how much control she had over her ovaries”.

And “Back home in Bucharest, the rain was softer, gentler. Here it even sounded angry, as though you owed it something”. To me these descriptions conjure up a great pictures.

To Learn

I’m loving this book, “How to Write Dazzling Dialogue” by James Scott Bell. The trouble is, the book keeps triggering ideas for stories I’d like to write. And things I’d like to add to stories I’ve already written. So many possibilities, so exciting.

For Relaxation

I’ve been reading short stories. They require more work to write, but I want to have an idea of how they are formatted and a quick read in one sitting is always satisfying.

I’ve also been diving into Cosy Mysteries. I’m nowhere near ready to think about writing them, so in the meantime, I can enjoy them for what they are.

Where are we?

Currently, we are in orbit around Launceston and will be here for another five days for appointments we’ve been attending since last week.

Last week we stayed at the Big 4 for an appointment nearby.

I took the opportunity to get some big stuff washed and dried. Our washing machine is small and does two and a half to three kilo loads. (1 sheet and 1 pillow case, or 1 towel and 1 face cloth//washer.

Then we moved back to Old Macs Farm & Fisheries Caravan and Motorhome Park. We are surrounded by beautiful lakes and reflections.

On the property, but up the hill, is Stonesthrow Restaurant and they sell berries – delicious. Of course, coffee and all other restaurant fare are available, but that isn’t on our clean eating diet.

We did succumb to the brownie recommendation, but… we only bought one and shared it, so just a couple of mouthfuls and no dark chocolate after tea that night.

The Highlight

Cradle Mountain, without a doubt.

The day dawned misty and could have rained, instead the skies cleared, although a haze remained, possibly from the bush fires down south. The views are magnificent.

Dove Lake changed along with the day, but was worth hiking a couple of hours at altitude for.

Possibly from bushfire smoke, we are getting stunning reds in the sunsets and sunrises.

Our visit to Sheffield Murals was a surprise and delight. It was like visiting an outdoor art gallery with past winning murals displayed along with 2018 entries and we could vote on our favourite.

The caption up the top reads

“Every nation has their own traditional hat, recognisable even in silhouette, so let our weapons be scrap metal at our feet, and together cherish this wonderful world.”

The artist is Gren Freeman, Brisbane.

Enjoy the rest of your week and have a fabulous weekend.

I’d love to know how your writing projects are going. Leave a note in the comments below.

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